Business Card

I have a formative memory of meeting Prof. Aomawa Shields at a UC PPFP conference and being blown away by her business card. It spoke to making a good first impression and presenting yourself as a professional. At the time the two of us were postdocs looking early in our search for faculty positions.

I created these cards in Affinity Designer and printed them using Moo has a helpful Adobe Illustrator template for making sure all the elements of the design are sufficiently centered. In my later iterations I splurged on having a glossy finish over the Feynman diagram while leaving the rest of my card matte on a heavy cardstock.


2022 Business Card

I was excited to update my 2022 card with my recently tenured title.


2017 Business Card


2014 Business Card

Flip Tanedo
Flip Tanedo
Associate Professor

Flip Tanedo is a professor of particle physics who specializes in theoretical descriptions of dark matter.